Why Poland?

Polish registration has a number of advantages:

  • Provisional Registration within 5-7 Days from the time of submitting the application Till The Final Registration That Takes Place In Maximum 30 Days
  • The Most Popular And Affordable For Yacht Till 24m
  • Lifetime Registration, No Renewal Needed
  • Private Yachts, Commercial, Charters
  • No Yearly Cost, Only Registration Fee
  • No Yacht Survey Needed For Yachts Up To 15m Privately Used
  • Accepted In Any Country Of The World
  • No Maritime Restrictions
  • Possible For All Nationalities

If you are running commercial yacht or your yacht above 15m you have to keep in mind that you fall under additional safety regulations. contact us for additional information.

How To Register?

First step is easy. Just contact us! As your agent we will collect all necessary documents, process them and place them in your name at Polish Registration Office.

However there are few documents you need to prepare and send to us, namely:

Bill Of Sale Or Invoice

Photo Of WIN (HIN/CIN) Number

Copy Of Your ID Or Registration Document Of The Owning Company

If Your Boat Was Previously Registered - Proof Of De-Registration

Choose Your Home Port: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Hel, Kołobrzeg, Sopot, Szczecin

CE certificate / builders certificate

photo of boat nameplate and engine nameplate

engine CE certificate or engine manual (information about power)

In particular cases (especially when there is no CE) we might ask you for additional information. We will also ask you to sign Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.

We will need to prepare sworn translations before placing an application in the registration office. We will forward you the invoice for you to see the costs of those translations.

Registration Pricing


  • provisional registration within 2-3 days
  • valid for life
  • no yearly fees


  • provisional registration within 2-3 days
  • valid for life
  • note that you fall under safety inspections


  • valid for 10 years
  • call sign and MMSI
  • 100% on-line procedure

Our Team

We are a family company based in the maritime city of Gdańsk. We offer you our in depth boating knowledge as well as personal contact. Moreover we are boating enthusiasts and spend time on water actively. We overlook the process ourselves and do not use subcontractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The REJA 24 registration system is an innovative electronic registration system developed by Government of Poland to provide a fast and economical way to register pleasure yachts under 24 metres in hull length.

To charter a commercial yacht under the Polish flag the vessel must hold a valid Karta Bezpieczeństwa Jachtu Morskiego (Yacht Safety Certificate).

The first step of the certification process is the performance of a technical inspection. For yachts under 15.00 metres in length the inspection is carried out by the Zespół Techniczny Polskiego Związku Żeglarskiego (Offshore Technical Committee of Polish Yachting Association) or for yachts over 15.00 metres in length by the Polski Rejestr Statków (Polish Register of Shipping).

The yacht must then be equipped depending upon vessel length and sailing area as detailed in the relevant merchant shipping legislation. All yachts to be commercially registered must undergo a final Port State Control inspection to confirm compliance with the applicable regulations.

In order to register under polish flag you have to choose one of its see ports. Those are as follows:

  • Gdańsk
  • Gdynia
  • Hel
  • Kołobrzeg
  • Sopot
  • Szczecin

In case you also require an AIS & MMSI Radio Licence including ATIS, MMSI number and call sign, we can provide this for you without any problem. 
Radio licences for Polish registered vessels are issued by the Office of Electronic Communications (Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej).
Radiolicences are valid for ten years.

Note that a Polish registered vessel must hold a Polish radio licence as opposed to a radio licence issued by any other radiolicensing authority – for example a radio licence issued by the UK radiolicensing authority OFCOM is not valid for use on a Polish registered vessel.


During the online registration process for a Polish boat registration, we require the following documents:

  1. Owner’s identity document in case of a private individual or proof of identity of all directors in case of a company
  2. Proof of ownership / sale agreement (invoice, sales agreement, bill of sale or notary statement)
  3. Scan of one of the following documents:
    1. CE certificate of the yacht
    2. OR tonnage certificate
    3. OR builders certificate
    4. OR survey report
    5. OR yacht manual
  4. Photo of the engine number and hull number
  5. CE Design category (A, B, C, D)
  6. In case of a previous registry, we require a copy of the deletion document

The advantage of the Polish boat registration, is that you will receive a temporary registration within 5-7 working days from the time of submitting the application. This means you can use the Polish boat registration almost instantly. The final registering takes 3-4 weeks. 

There is no requirement to have a European passport to register a yacht under the Polish flag. We can and successfully register yachts whose owners are citizens of countries outside Europe.

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